There are Hundreds of custom modifications we offer to personalize your car. Painting your brake calipers is one of the least expensive options. Most high-end Sports cars come straight from the Factory with painted brake calipers. If you want to achieve a similar look with your own car check us out!

Benefits of Caliper Paint

It’s Affordable, Starting at $75.00 to $100. Per Caliper Depending on the color.
You can still achieve a personalized look without having to break your Wallet.
Ad your personal touch. Express yourself with caliper paint is easy. There are Thousands of colors to choose from and designs to display. We have had some customers have fun with it and painted each caliper a different color. Painted calipers can complement your rims and make car stand out. The possibilities are endless.

It’s not permanent. If you ever get tired of the color you choose we can easily paint over it. All you have to do is stop by for a color change.
We have a special process where we can paint your calipers on the car without having to remove them. Now day’s cars breaking system is very sophisticated. They have anti-lock anti-skid self-breaking self- driving and traction control. Never EVER let anyone other than the dealer tamper with your breaks. This is why we don’t tamper with your breaking system we professionally tape up and mask off areas that will not get painted and avoid over spray. The result is a Factory finish.

Professional brake caliper painting makes your vehicle bright, and tend to stand out. Whether you have a performance kit installed on your vehicle, or the Porsche SUV that you drive the kids to soccer practice in, the color you coat your brake calipers in can define your style. Some common colors we see people use are: red, blue, yellow, black, orange, green, purple, pink, gold, white, copper & lime.

Painting your brake calipers has functional benefits and it upgrades your vehicle’s look and style. The caliper painting process consists of cleaning your calipers off existing grime, rust deposits and uneven surfaces. We will make sure that the calipers are in the best condition possible prior to painting. Call Cory 713-999-1375

Getting your Brake Calipers painted can accentuate the styling of your vehicle’s wheels. A painted Brake Caliper adds an oftentimes needed touch of color.